Caliburn Micro Latest Release Candiate

Included in this release

  • Bug 356 [UWP] FrameAdapter cannot remove event handler registered to frame
  • Bug 629 Unexpected behaviour of ChangeActiveItem - previous item doesn’t get closed
  • Bug 716 BindingScope.cs null exception occurred
  • Bug 618 ConductWith behavior
  • Bug 521 Parsing of negative numbers passed to a Target of an Action does not work

Additionally Support is added for WPF .net 5

Please try the latest Release Candidate for Caliburn Micro 4 and provide feed back

The Release Candidate Caliburn.Micro 4.0.155-rc is available on the MyGet feed from a NuGet package console window

 Install-Package Caliburn.Micro -Version 4.0.155-rc -Source