I have been wanting to learn how to develop software for Linux for a while. Now that Microsoft is has been making .net core work cross platform. By cross platform I mean it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I figured it was time to learn.

I see Windows 10 has been getting features added to it’s Windows Subsystem for Linux. Visual Studio Code is a light weight IDE which works cross platform (including Linux). .Net 5 will also be cross platform.

So I decided to get a cheap laptop and load Linux on it and see what I can do using .net on it.

Which Linux Distro to choose. I looked at 3 distros first Ubuntu, Mint Linux, and Fedora. Ubuntu is a fast, simple, and secure distro. Mint is a distro of Linux which has a similar UI to Windows 10. Fedora is the open source version of Red Hat Linux.

I chose to go with Fedora because it has a Developer center. In the developer center there is section which covers .net core.


There is also a free ebook. Available Transitioning to .NET Core on Red Hat Enterprise Linux


So to get started with Fedora I downloaded the Fedora Media Writer and Fedora Workstation 31 iso


Note any usb drive you use as a Fedora boot disk will only work with Linux afterwards. Use the Fedora Media Writer to create a boot USB you can use to install Fedora on a laptop