Client NoSql DB

I have used the NoSql database Lex.DB in some of my mobile apps in the past. The DB was actually very handy and it worked on Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Windows phone 8+, UWP, PCL, Silverlight, and WinRT+. I am in the process of converting the project to a standard library 2.0 that you can use with net core, Xamarin, UWP when the fall creators update comes out in Oct 2017, and .net 4.6.1A

My hope is to get the Database so it can be used in windows, linux, mac, xamarin, or UWP apps. This database is meant to be used with an app not as a server based NoSql database.

The code is currently in GitHub please report any bugs or feature requests there. Send me an email if you want to contribute to the project